Jeff Tipping Joins IFFDC as US Soccer Consultant

Jeff Tipping joins IFFDC as the US Soccer Consultant, Jeff has a strong passion for the sport and will be advising an consulting IFFDC in his new role

More about Jeff:

Jeff Tipping has been on a unique journey since he was born in Liverpool, England in the fading days of the British Empire. When America called in 1974 Jeff’s desire to see different parts of the world began to take shape and he enrolled at Hartwick College, a small school in upstate New York with a phenomenal tradition in soccer. A four year starter, he helped Hartwick to the NCAA Division One National Championship in 1977 and, upon graduation, was drafted into the American Soccer League by the New York Eagles. In 1983 he became a staff coach for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Coaching Academy and he served as the part time NSCAA Director of Coaching in 1996, a position which he occupied with distinction full time from 2002 until January 2011. Jeff developed a national and international reputation as one of the finest coach educators in the world, a period marked with great success and the elevation of the NSCAA to a global leader in coaching education. In 2011 he left the NSCAA to develop his own company Jeff Tipping Enterprises, a truly trans – Atlantic endeavour and more recently becoming the US Soccer Consultant for IFFDC to aid in the development of IFFDC in the US and worldwide. 

To read more about Jeff and his work you can visit his website

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